Why Nursing is the Ultimate Career Choice

Whether you want to work the floor your whole life, or for just a few years, nursing is the gateway career. Don’t get me wrong, being passionate about the medical field is a requirement of going into nursing. But you can have more than one passion in life. If the medical field is something that peaks your interest, as well as the gratifying feeling of being a superhero on a daily basis, use those interests to catapult you into the best career choice of your life.
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5 Reasons Why Nerds Make the Best Boyfriends


If you’ve struggled for years trying to find Mr.Right, maybe you’ve been looking in the wrong variety of men. Nerds are under rated in the dating world, and I am here to tell you why you need to get out there and find your self the geekiest man you can get your hands on. Now I use the term “nerd” with the utmost respect and love, as you will see I use that word quite frequently throughout my article. So please know, I mean no disrespect. For I myself have fallen in love with the nerdiest of the nerds, and use the term with all love and good feelings.
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How to Cope When a Loved One Has an Invisible Disease 

Not every ailment is as obvious as an amputated limb or a skin affliction. Or as well known as cancer or Diabetes. Diseases such as epilepsy or ulcerative colitis (and so many other diseases) can be considered to be invisible diseases. Having had an invisible disease for most of my younger years, as well as dating someone for over six years who deals with their own invisible disease daily, has taught me a lot about how it feels from both perspectives.
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