The Einstein Prophecy by Robert Masello 

One word. AMAZING. This book sucked me in from the get go. For some it may be slow to start up, but take my word on this. Keep reading. You’ll get swept back to a time of a world at war. Though things looked bad, these were also times when great minds were at work making new discoveries, solving unimaginable equations, and so much more.

You’ll be intrigued by the intellect of the beautiful Simone Rischad, and warmed by the love she has for her father Dr.Rischad. Follow them on their journey, as they follow their life’s passion. A quest to discover and learn about an ancient sarcophagus and its contents. All of which has always been said to be just a myth. A myth they are determined to prove otherwise. Their quest takes them all the way from the deserts of Egypt to the United States. Their travels were far from smooth sailing. They wind up at the beautiful campus of Princeton University, where the sarcophagus they intend to study had just been delivered. In addition to Simone, we meet Lucas. A strapping young fellow, to say the least. He served the country at the beginning of the war and after an accident that left him without one of his eyes, he returned home to his little town in New Jersey where he worked as a historical arts professor at Princeton University. You can see how Simone and Lucas’s worlds will collide. Seeing as they are both on a life long quest for knowledge in the field of historical artifacts.
Throughout all of this Einstein is hard at work with his studies as he tries to unlock the secrets of the universe. With the help of some great historical figures, such as a close friend of his. Figures such as Kurt Gödel, an American-Austrian logician. Einstein’s big role in this story doesn’t come into play until a little later on.
The sarcophagus that Simone and her father are on the hunt for ends up at Princeton, under the watch and scrutiny of none other than Lucas himself. Simone joins the team assigned to opening the Sarcophagus and when the time comes to crack the case open, all hell breaks loose. I couldn’t mean that more literally. Opening the ancient casket unleashes the force of an unspeakable evil.
How does one fight something that they cannot see? This is the question that Lucas and Simone must find an answer too before it is too late. The evil that was once held captive and is now loose in the world has a plan, and does everything in its power to execute this plan. Even if it means murder and thievery.
What’s a good book without a plot twist, a love connection, and a happy ending? This book has all of that and then some. The Einstein Prophesy is a MUST READ. Robert Masello has me hooked on his historically correct works that include a touch of  an imaginative twist. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who likes to learn, as well as be kept on the edge of there seat, and have their emotions toyed with as if they are watching a live action movie in their head. Good read for the younger generation as well as any adult.

To learn a little more about the author, see my article on his book The Jekyll Revelation by Robert Masello .

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