The Jekyll Revelation by Robert Masello 


About the Author:
Robert Masello has won various literary awards, in areas ranging from journalism to television writing. I was shocked to find out that he aided in the writing of the television

show Charmed, a childhood favorite of mine. He was given the title of being a best-selling author after the publications of his multiple captivating, fictitious novels. His work ranged from historical fictitious works such as The Jekyll Revelation, one of my more recent reads, to information-packed books featuring “insider secrets on getting your book published” (Robert’s book “Writer Tells All”).

About the Book: 
The Jekyll Revelation is a MUST read! Once you get into it a few chapters you will not be able to put the book down. Masello puts a paradoxical twist on the classic “The Strange Case of Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hide bt Robert Luis Stevenson. You will take a walk in the life of Mr. Stevenson, as well as in the life of a fictional character in California, named Rafael.

Rafael discovers an old trunk containing items belong to Robert Luis Stevenson himself. One of these items is a journal filled andwritten accounts of Stevenson’s life. You learn about his family, his struggles with his health, and the obscure, paranormal remedies Stevenson stumbles upon in his travels.

Rafael, however, is just a modern day guy. He works as a wildlife ranger in the hot, rugged state of California. Raf keeps close tabs on the coyotes of the area, as well as the effects of the drought on the landscape of the region. As in most stories, there is a love connection between him a woman. An unhappily taken women. The man in her life and his gang of “friends” stir up a lot of trouble for Raf. It’s not until the peak of the chaos that Stevensons’ and Raf’s worlds collide.

We walk with Raf through his daily struggles, intermitted with him “reading” Stevenson’s journal entries. Because of this it is clear as to where the outcome of Raf’s battle with the trouble makers in his town ties in with Stevenson and his crazy adventures almost one hundred years prior.

My absolute favorite part of this book was the ending of Stevenson’s journal entries. You wont see it coming. I had goose bumps up and down my arms when I finished reading the ending of this book. The shocked feeling it gave me stuck with me for the next few hours.

The few final pages of his journal will, no doubt, keep you on the edge of your seat. An infamous character from true history is woven into the story, in the most unimaginable way. I admire Masello’s creative mind when writing this book.

You can imagine each page in the book as if it were a scene in a movie. Masello gives each character their own unique voice in the book. You will be traveling back and forth in time from chapter to chapter, as RAF continues to read the pages from Stevenson’s journal. Masello knows exactly how to captivate his audience, from cover to cover. You can bet I would be first in line if this book was made into a live action film one day.

Not only is the storyline completely enthralling, the historical information given in this book is 100% accurate. Masello really did his research on for this book. Not only will you have read a great work of fiction, you’ll have gained some knowledge about the great Robert Luis Stevenson and his battle with a chronic illness, and his rise to the status of world renowned author.

If you have a Kindle (and Amazon Prime) you can get this book for free with Kindle Unlimited. If not, it is definitely worth the money. You will not regret reading this book. It will have you craving more from this author. That being said, I am now onto reading another work by Masello, called “The Einstein Prophecy”.  Stay tuned for a review on that book as well. So far it is definitely meeting expectations, I can tell you that much.

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