5 Reasons Why Nerds Make the Best Boyfriends


If you’ve struggled for years trying to find Mr.Right, maybe you’ve been looking in the wrong variety of men. Nerds are under rated in the dating world, and I am here to tell you why you need to get out there and find your self the geekiest man you can get your hands on. Now I use the term “nerd” with the utmost respect and love, as you will see I use that word quite frequently throughout my article. So please know, I mean no disrespect. For I myself have fallen in love with the nerdiest of the nerds, and use the term with all love and good feelings.

  1. They don’t go out much, and if they do it’s not usually anything too dangerous or questionable.
    Not saying they’re boring homebodies. Nerds just typically don’t associate with what I like to call “rough crowds.” Those who enjoy partying until the wee hours of the morning and getting completely wasted or even doing drugs. Nerds don’t usually enjoy participating in mindless activities such as that. Hense my use of the word “nerd”. They like to participate in activities where they can use their brain, not their liver.
  2. They can be very creative. Nerdy boys already have a mind over flowing with things such as computer graphics from a game or story lines from their favorite anime series. They are the artistic sort and know how to think our side the box. If they are gamers they are also major strategists. Just expect the unexpected with them. They may surprise you with the most thoughtful anniversary gift or a spectacularly fancy date that you only thought to exist in your dreams.
  3. They are smart and oh so sweet. Nerds are 50 shades of smart more often than not. Most nerds fall into their own intellectual niche. Whether it’s technology, academics, you name it. Nerds, even in old school terminology, are those geeky dudes with the broken glasses with their noses always in a book and straight A’s in their classes. Whether you have a class that you need help studying for or just want to impress your family upon their first time meeting him. Dating a nerdy man comes with its perks, that’s for sure.
    Nerds aren’t like your typical testosterone filled, beer loving, sports fanatic type of guy. Can’t say they don’t express the same level of hype during a one on one battle in any variety of competitive video game. But Nerds know how to get intouch with their softer, more docile side when it comes to their woman. They may not know how to express it into words, like any other human of the male variety. They will give it their best shot for you though.
  4. They have good friends. Guys like to hang out with guys who have similar interests. So I can almost guarantee that a majority of his friends will be just as nerdy as he is. So if you already enjoy hanging out with your man as he does his nerdy thing, you will also enjoy hanging out with he and his friends when they come over to play video games and what not.
    Nerdy guys generally have refreshingly friendly and kind personalities. Having your boyfriends friends over to hangout won’t be as chaotic and out of control as if they enjoyed drinking a lot of alcohol and partying all the time.
  5. They aren’t judgemental. If a guy self-identifies as a nerd, he’s probably already dealt with his fair share of bullying at one point or another in his life. Kids can be really cruel. So he knows what it’s like to be judged in a completely negative, spirit crushing sort of way. Nerd boys will accept you just as you are, quirks and all. Just be sure to not take advantage of this fact. They will accept you, makeup or not. Sweat pants, messy bun, muffin top and all.
    They don’t expect you to like or be into all the same things as them either. Yea, it may be a plus on their end, but it won’t change their feelings for you. They actually will appreciate you more, when you spend more time on your hobbies and yourself. They won’t judge you on how you chose to go about it unless of course, it’s something dangerous or questionable. As I stated earlier, they are smart and will share their opinions, but not in a judgemental sort of way.All in all, the benefits far out weight any possible down falls that there may be when falling for the nerdy type. I can say that with full confidence after six years of first hand experience.

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