Why Nursing is the Ultimate Career Choice

Whether you want to work the floor your whole life, or for just a few years, nursing is the gateway career. Don’t get me wrong, being passionate about the medical field is a requirement of going into nursing. But you can have more than one passion in life. If the medical field is something that peaks your interest, as well as the gratifying feeling of being a superhero on a daily basis, use those interests to catapult you into the best career choice of your life.

Benefits of working at a hospital: 

1. You would only need to work 3 days a week!

            Working at a hospital means working 12 hours per shift. A 12-hour shift can sound really intimidating at first, but it’s not so bad once you get into the flow of things.

Would you rather work some monotonous 9-5 job, 5 days a week? Or work three 12 hour shifts and have 4 days off each week?! Having 4 days off a week means more time for YOU and things you enjoy doing. Things like working on hobbies, spending time with your family, and most importantly, taking the time to take care of yourself.

Most hospitals allow you to choose your own schedule, and with that being said, imagine all the possibilities of time off that can be manipulated into a 3 day work week.

2. Hello, who wouldn’t want to be a superhero every day?? 

Working in the medical field, whether you’re a Doctor, RN, CNA, you name it. Every single day that you go into work you are putting yourself in the position of taking care of every single life on that floor. And I’m not just referring to performing CPR during a code, or administering medications.

I’m talking about being there for those patients and family members who are scared and don’t know how to cope with what’s going on there. I’m talking about being the one reason that a person who was just recently told they have cancer, smiles that day. Being the one person they look forward to seeing every day when they’re stuck in the hospital for an ungodly amount of time, and all family members are too far away to be there daily or at all for that matter. Advocating for an old, confused patient who doesn’t understand what’s going on with them and you see that things could be going better for them, is what it means to be a super hero.

3. The medical field is a career field with indefinite job security

No matter how many scientific advances the pharmaceutical industry comes up with, there is no cure for stupid.

There will always be some sort of illnesses out there. Whether it’s an infection, the flu, or a careless accident with a chainsaw. Medical professionals will always have a job in this world.

Not even just jobs working on the front lines of the medical field. There will always be behind the scenes jobs in medicine as well. As bacteria evolve and become more resistant, we will always need people in labs working on the next best cure to fight against this invisible army.

Due to the fact that immortality has yet to be achieved by humans, aging is inevitable. Our elderly generations will always need someone who can look after them and care for them in ways beyond what it capable by their family and loved ones.

4. Benefits! 

Being a nurse comes with its own set of perks to make up for the things you face daily on the job. Working in the medical field means good medical benefits! Hospitals and their patients need health care providers. This means great medical benefits for you and your family. I definitely can’t speak for every single hospital out there, but this is generally what is known of hospitals.

Benefits aren’t always in the form of dollar signs. Working in the medical field as a nurse gives you copious amounts of free knowledge and life experiences. Yes, you’d probably have to pay thousands of dollars for the information you learned in nursing school, but that’s just book smarts. You can’t put a price tag on the knowledge you will gain working at a hospital. You will experience human interactions that you never imagined you would otherwise. You will also learn how to think fast. If an emergency presents its self you have been given the training to handle said situation. That doesn’t mean you knew how to think fast enough to apply what you know right assay.

Having the ability to think and act on the spot isn’t a talent that every person has innately. Once you’ve worked through medical emergencies your brain sort of requires itself into Anne’s rationale, that can be applied to daily life, not just work.

Becoming a nurse or any other medical professional that works directly with patients takes a certain kind of person. Not just anyone can do that job. If you find your interest peaked by the vast amount of knowledge in the realm of medicine, as well as the great amounts still unknown to mankind, don’t be afraid to venture into healthcare. If you have a constant urge to help and take care of people and can handle gruesome sights such as blood, the medical field is a great option for you. Nursing doesn’t just sound like a scary job, it truly is. But not only will you be filling a position that is always in constant demand, you will be making a great investment in yourself.

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